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Client Testimonial: Jason Wilson

  • Why did you decide to join Art of Flight Golf?

First referred to by a friend and then after touring the facility and talking with Chris, I knew this would be beneficial for my physical health and golf game.

  • How did Art of Flight Golf help your golf game?

 I’ve noticed now after 4 months of training work, that I’m more flexible, stable, and stronger to swing the club more consistently than before.

  • What would you say to a friend that is considering joining?

If you’re serious about your game and/or improving your fitness, there’s no reason not to join and maximize your results.  Having the Trackman bays is very helpful to see your progress and work on your game.

  • What type of results have you experienced since starting our Golf Fitness Program?

I’m definitely stronger and have more stability. Better physical health allows me to practice more often and more effectively.

  • Anything else you would like to add about your experience at Art of Flight Golf?

Chris is an outstanding trainer and coach – he has helped me tremendously and I’m looking forward to continued results!

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