PXG FITTING EVENT JUNE 22, 1-7pm OUTDOOR @ Bethlehem Range

GET FITTED FOR PXG on JUNE 22, 1-7pm OUTDOOR @ Bethlehem Driving Range!

Spots are limited and will fill up fast.
The New Gen 6 Line is out with the Longest, most accurate Irons ever made and Blazing fast Drivers.

A PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) club fitting can improve your game by ensuring that your golf clubs are custom-fit to your individual swing characteristics, body type, and preferences.

Here are a few ways that a PXG club fitting can help you:

Improved Accuracy: A PXG club fitting can help you achieve better accuracy on the course. By ensuring that your clubs are the correct length, lie angle, and shaft flex, you can improve your ability to hit the ball straight and avoid errant shots.

Increased Distance: A club fitting can also help you increase your distance on the course. By optimizing the loft, shaft, and weight of your clubs, you can generate more clubhead speed and increase your ball speed, resulting in longer shots.

Better Consistency: When your clubs are properly fitted, you can achieve a more consistent ball flight and strike pattern. This can help you hit more greens in regulation and reduce your number of missed shots.

Enhanced Comfort: A club fitting can also help you feel more comfortable and confident on the course. When your clubs feel good in your hands and suit your swing, you are more likely to swing with a smooth and natural motion.

Overall, a PXG club fitting can help you play better golf by optimizing your equipment to match your individual needs and preferences.