New Year League 2023

Playoffs Week 1 Brackets

League Rules/Format

How does the scoring work in an order-of-merit tournament?
Order of Merit is a points-based scoring system where each tournament round will give you points towards an overall leaderboard (like the FedEx Cup race or Race to Dubai). Based on your score in each round, you will be awarded points. 
Points are awarded based on the order you finish in each tournament round. The winner of the round gets the most points for the Order of Merit leaderboard; the second place receives the second most points, and so on. The number of points distributed to the winner and all other players is determined by the number of participants.

Each team will book a 1 hour tee time anytime Monday – Thursday from 9 am -9 pm. You can book up to two weeks in advance.

Six weeks Regular Season – 3-week playoff


1st Place Prizes: Custom Callaway 2023 Driver with custom fitting ($675 value for each player) to first place teams in each Division
2nd Place Prizes: Custom Callaway 2023 Hybrid with custom fitting (300.00 value for each player) to second place teams in each division

After each round, points are distributed, and total points are accumulated.

Based on Estimated 50 Teams
The winner receives 100 points, 2nd place 98, 3rd Place 96, etc.
What are the tie rules in a stroke play tournament?

When two or more team are tied, the leaderboard will automatically use the rules below to determine player position.

Low round
Lowest back 9 score score
Low score on last 6 holes
Low score on last 3 holes
Low score on last hole
Lowest front 9 score
Low score on holes 4-9
Low score on holes 7-9
Low score on hole 9
The prize is shared