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Club fitting

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to see the benefits of club fitting. Our in-depth process starts in the fitting bay and ends with you shooting lower scores. Every step along the way was designed to match custom golf clubs to your individual swing.

Our fittings include the following:
Driver- $99 Duration: 1 Hour
Irons- $99 Duration: 1 Hours
Full Bag- $199 Duration: 2 Hours

Our partners include PXG, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Cleveland, Srixon, and Mizuno.

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Our club fitting program offers

Personalized experienced

You’ll work one-on-one with one of our dedicated club fitters. They’ll work with you to understand your swing and how different clubs perform. With the insight on your swing, your coach will help you pick the ideal clubs to compliment your game.

Superior knowledge

Our Fitting Specialists are full time golf equipment and fitting experts. They are highly trained by all the top brands who design our clubs and will ensure your fitting maximizes the performance of your swing.

Brand agnostic approach

Our fitters work for you, not the manufacturers. Just because the irons from one brand give you the best results, doesn’t mean their driver will do the same. Being brand agnostic means we put your game first.

Precision analysis

TrackMan uses three-dimensional radar technology originally developed for use in military projectile and missile tracking. It delivers 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real-time like smash factor, ball speed, clubhead speed, carry and more. This in-depth analysis is then compiled into a report and delivered after your golf club fitting.

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