Client Testimonial: Jason Mack

  • Why did you decide to join Art of Flight Golf?

I’m the parent of a young competitive golfer who is undersized. We joined art of flight and hopes of finding some strength, speed, and stability to help him for the upcoming season.

  • How did Art of Flight Golf help your golf game?

Getting to hit some balls on the world-class simulators was a big help. Being able to show him undeniable information regarding how the club is being delivered into the ball was helpful.  The strength & conditioning work he has done has helped with stability and some speed gains but just as importantly, it has envigorated him mentally and helped with confidence.

  • What would you say to a friend that is considering joining?

I would say to any friend the following, if you care about your results as a golfer, this is absolutely the place you need to be to become better.  Professional level simulators, with detailed information on your ball striking, TPI professional strength and conditioning training, and now they have access to actually buying equipment that you can demo with relationships with major club companies.  It is the complete golf experience.

  • What type of results have you experienced since starting our Golf Fitness Program?

My son has gained confidence, some speed, and stability through his swing. He previously fell off balance a lot due to trying to swing too hard for his size.

  • Anything else you would like to add about your experience at Art of Flight Golf?

The people there are very nice and engaging.  Whether it be the owners, who are always around and even part time employees.  The place has a fun culture.  It’s also immaculately clean.

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